TEPS  Techelan Particle Sorters


The Cell and Particle Sorter/Dispenser/Imager is a high-throughput device, which enables researchers to individually select, separate and/or reroute   any selected particle into the receiving well or vessel. The device employs a “recirculating” system, with particles moving in liquid from one reservoir to the other passing through the proprietary sorting mechanism (The Venturi Cross).  The Sorter is capable of handling various particles (beads, nematodes, zebra fish embryos, etc.) at speeds up to 50 particles per second. The separation (deflection) can be based on various parameters (size, transparency, fluorescence, etc.)

Both the "flow through" and the deflected particles do not ever get outside of the liquid carrier, which prevents oxidation, drying out, denaturation, etc..  The unique principle of the Venturi Cross allows the unit to be stopped "paused", restarted, reversed and readjusted at any time including adjustments of sorting sensitivity, dispensed volume, i.e. volume of liquid, which surrounds the particle, etc.

The device can perform as a particle sorter, particle dispenser, low volume liquid dispenser (down to 60 nano L) or all of the above.  It works with all formats of micro-titer plates, vials and other vessels.


TEPS-200.  Bead Sorter

A standard fully automated Bead Sorter is a system, which enables multiple batch reruns with sorting criteria selectable "on the fly". Equipped with an automated bead Feeder, clog detection and self cleaning, this system can run without the operator.


Customization example.


The experimental Zebra fish embryo sorter is a custom version of a bead sorter with modified embryo feeding system.