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SMLD 300G is a two piece design (valve + coil) micro-dispensing valve developed for larger dispensation volumes and liquids with higher viscosity as compared to SMLD100 and SMLD300 type valves. This valve can be used both for the non-contact (droplet or stream) dispensation as well as "flowing deposition" of high viscosity substances (creams, adhesives, etc.)

SMLD 300G are miniature sub-micro liter dispensing valves, which employ a two piece (Valve + Coil) design. This novel two part design allows for fast and convenient replacement of the fluid carrying valve without disconnecting the electrical coil.

    The SMLD type valves are using a unique technology of hard on hard surface interface. The Ruby ball and Sapphire seat support a very reliable and precise operation. The overall dimensions of the valve enable their high density mounting. The opening and closing time of the valve can be brought down to 300 usec, allowing precise dispensation of volumes down to 35 nano-liters.


 Technical Specifications




Length                         1.4”/ 35 mm

Cylinder Dia.                 0.16”/ 4 mm


            Length                       0.75”/ 19 mm

            Cylinder Dia.               0.23”/ 6 mm

            Cube Contact              0.2”x 0.23”/ 5 mm x 6 mm


Electrical parameters:

 Coil resistance                                                6 Ohm

Actuation                                                       12-24VDC*

Maximum working temperature                       80 0C

Duty cycle *                                                    100%

Maximum operating dispensing frequency        ~1000 Hz


* Using TechElan DRV type drivers (0.2 mSec full voltage pulse,

 followed by low sustaining voltage).         

   DRV are pre-programmed, PWM modulated step down drivers, TTL activated.

   Note: Both PCB mounted and stand-alone wired versions of DRV drivers

   are available from TechElan.


Fluidic parameters:

Note: Upstream pre-filtering of reagents is recommended to minimize clogging.


Connection - barbed                                     3/32” ID tubing

Flow (Water at 20 PSI)                                  1ul/msec (60 ml/min)

Note: The flow can be adjusted:   

-         By adjusting the liquid feeding pressure,

-         Through intermittent “pulsing” flow.

Optimal operating pressure (Fluid dependent, tested to 700 PSI)     15 – 150 PSI

Dispensation orifice (sapphire)                     300 um

Minimum dispense volume (CV <5%) *            100 nl

Maximum viscosity                                       1000 cps


* Dependent on fluid, particulates, surface tension, non-Newtonian fluids, etc.

  Minimum CV < 2% with feedback correction is possible.



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