TEDA 200 - Universal (Hand held or Stationary) Dispenser/Aspirator

     TEDA-200 is a universal Dispenser/Aspirator designed to serve both as a hand-held micro volume pipetter (aspirator/dispenser) and as a multi-channel, frame mounted device, where each channel consists of an identical hand-held pipetter locked into an assembly with 9 mm center to center spacing. The multi-channel in-line assembly is possible because of a patented tapered cross-section of the device. Any desired number of pipetters (e.g. 4, 8, 12, etc.) can be mounted on the holding frame with an in-line 9 MM center to center dispensation pattern. Individual dispensers can be easily removed and/or replaced for cleaning, adjustment, reagent replacement or service. Control of dispensation (timing, volume, pressure) can be either external or "built in". The System is well suited for qualification and scale of automated assay procedures

      TEDA 200 Dispensers/Aspirators are capable of non-contact dispensation down to 20 nano-liters with less than 5% CVs (Coefficient of Variation) controlled by high speed precision SMLD type micro-dispensing valves. Dispensers/Aspirators are assembled per order from prefabricated modular components to closely match customer specified options and parameters.  Aspirators/Dispensers are using both timing (pulse) of dispensation and an optimal liquid pressurization control in order to adjust all dispensation parameters (volume, speed, stream and/or droplet shape). Autonomous channels enable independent programming of dispensation pattern, volumes, and reagents.

     TEDA 200 is using two different methods of Aspirating and Dispensing in and out of internal reservoirs:

                a) Reservoirs activated  by Pressure/Vacuum (internal or external)

                b) Piston type reservoirs (syringes) activated by Pneumatic cylinder or micro-Motor screw driven actuators.


                    Reservoirs can be made out of Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Metal. Ceramic reservoirs were developed for special high precision dispensation of aggressive substances.

                    Reservoirs can be placed externally for larger volumes, ease of replacement, safety considerations, etc.

    TEDA 200 can be equipped with a individual (per channel) patented dispensation feedback controllers, which can provide a real-time verification and correction of individual dispensations.

     Some TEDA 200 type dispensers have been used for dispensing very high viscosity substances (creams, adhesives) with or without valves.




Cream dispenser (Syringe without valve)